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Forum Guidelines

General Forum Rules
  • Commercial Advertising* - All commercial ads are $10 USD, and are good until the property is sold or rented.
  • SPAMMING - Any member who attempts to SPAM this site will immediately be banned.
  • Proxy Server Access - If you register through a proxy server, your account will be banned.
  • Disposable / Fake Email - If you register using a disposable, temporary email address, your account will be banned.
  • Soliciting Members - Any member caught soliciting other members will be banned from this site, immediately.
  • Personal Attacks - Do not ever attack other forum members, period.
  • P0rn - Do not post photos of, or links to p0rn sites anywhere on this site.
  • Politics & Religion - Do not post topics that may cause a debate on differing views of politics or religion. Exception: Kenny, the forum owner, reserves the right to post political or religious topics that may be of interest to the members of this forum, solely for awareness.
*Commercial Ads - The monies collected from these ads go for the yearly hosting of this site. While not costly to host this site currently, it is a continual expense that never stops. Please understand, this is not a free site like Facebook. It costs to host it each month. The forum software is licensed as well.

Member User Groups
  • New Member* - Upon joining, you will be in this user group. Upon making 2 successful posts, your account will automatically be moved into the Full Member user group. Please note that your first two (2) posts will be moderated. Also, as a New Member, you will not have access to PMs, profiles of other members, or be able to edit / alter your own profile. Members of this user group have sixty (60) minutes to edit posts they make on the site.
  • Full Member - Once you are a member of this user group, you will have full access to all open forums on this site. Additionally, you will be able to send / receive PMs through the forum, and will have access to change your profile, and view the profiles of other members of this site. Members of this user group have twelve (12) hours to edit posts they make on this site.
  • Business Owner - This user group is reserved for business owners who join the forums. Members of this group are allowed to post specials and information regarding their respective businesses.
  • Forum Sponsor - To become a member of this user group, you must make a monetary donation to the site. The current packages available may be found by clicking on subscriptions. Additional space for PMs, longer edit times, the ability to hide (remove) your own topics and posts, as well as other features, become available to you when you become a Forum Sponsor.
* Exception: If you have joined this forum, and already are a known active member of the Living in Cebu Forums, the sister forum of this site, you may be granted immediate full membership. Please let us know your username and email address from that forum.

Avatars & Miscellaneous
  • Avatars - Please choose an avatar, or our fearless leader, Kenny, will find one for you. Please choose a tasteful image or graphic for your avatar.
Additional Forum Access
  • The Phig Penh (Pig Pen)* - Access to this forum is by invitation only. The staff may grant you immediate access privileges. But, this will be solely at the Administrators' discretion. Either way, do not ask for access to the Phig Penh.
  • Business Owners Forum - Posting in this forum is granted to those members who are in the Business Owner user group. Business owners may post ads, company information and promotions, or other marketing threads for their businesses. All other members may only reply to threads in this forum.
* Exception: If you are an active member of the Living in Cebu Forums, and wish to have access to the Phig Penh, please let us know your username and email address from that forum.

Updated: 16-Sept-2016