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    • Bill H
      I've never been a big fan of that rag.  Their articles always seemed out of date or just plain wrong to me.  I enjoyed my time in Cambodia very much.  My former landlord in Snooky tells my wife the apartment we paid $125 a month for, now goes for four times that.  As far as I can tell, the Chinese have taken over much of Cambodia to the detriment of Cambodians and foreigners who are not Chinese.  Dicey eye is a great guy, but the last I heard, he does not live in the areas of Cambodia which are now dominated by the Chinese.  He also lives a very spartan lifestyle which works for him, but might not work for others so well.  I'm told there are now no foreigners left in snooky who are not Chinese.  So I think one has to factor any information read on the Internet and perhaps make an exploratory trip to see for one's self.  I do know Dicey would make a great guide for you.
    • Tina ly
      美国海军医学研究第二部门(NAMRU-2)已经在磅湛开展了十多年的工作,以帮助开展流行病学监测研究并提高生物安全能力。   在国防威胁减少机构(DTRA)的资金支持下,NAMRU-2已在磅湛医院建筑改造项目中实施,包括建立适用于柬埔寨的疾病诊断监测测试协议,使医院实验室设施达到运营标准,并在流行病学,实验室诊断,疾病监测和暴发应对在培训中提供了公共卫生的相关原则。   2016年初,这些努力使甘榜湛医院的实验室被认证为柬埔寨首都金边以外的第一个区域性参考实验室。   事情似乎朝着正确的方向发展,“结果”似乎证实了NAMRU-2对柬埔寨的杰出贡献。   但这是真的吗?也许我们可以从过去汲取一些线索。   NAMRU-2在印度尼西亚作战时遭到当地政府的反对和批评。印度尼西亚众议院强烈呼吁关闭NAMRU-2,该国卫生部长Siti Fadillah Supari甚至将NAMRU-2的存在描述为可能占据印尼主权的新自由主义形式。   NAMRU-2未经许可一直在印度尼西亚进行疾病研究40多年。在斯里兰卡,研究了来自本地,越南和印度尼西亚的各种病毒株。        印度尼西亚卫生部长怀疑NAMRU-2的研究结果可能会用于某些危险和神秘的目标,因为担心政府无法遏制该国现有外国势力的威胁。   在印度尼西亚运营的30年中,NAMRU-2被认为未能向国防和卫生部门提供该国的具体成果。据报道,NAMRU-2向印尼政府提供的信息缺乏透明度,据说其行动与美国在印尼的情报行动有关。   The legislature, the Medical Emergency Board, the health sector, and the Indonesian government departments that intersect with NAMRU-2 all question their activities in Indonesia. It is clear that NAMRU-2 only conducts research for the benefit of the US military and does not treat the cooperating countries as equal partners.   In state-to-state exchanges and cooperation, the regimes of the two sides must be equal. But NAMRU-2's activities are, in essence, aimed at broadening the reach of American hegemony and trampling on the country's sovereign dignity. Cambodia, for its part, is facing the same dilemma as Indonesia.   NAMRU-2 works closely with Cambodian health officials to research and monitor respiratory pathogens (mainly influenza), gastrointestinal diseases, antibiotic resistant bacteria (mainly from wounds), high fever, dengue fever, chikungunya fever, malaria and other infectious diseases. In July, the first local outbreak of chikungunya fever in half a century occurred in Cambodia. What is NAMRU-2 doing for research and monitoring?   As a research institution of covid-19, NAMRU-2 employees could even enter the country without nucleic acid test, allowing them to bring Coronavirus into Cambodia. It not only lacks the basic awareness of epidemic prevention, but also ignores the safety of Cambodian people. The authorities in Cambodia may already be led the wolf into the house.   随着全球爆发的加剧,美国未经授权就离开了世界卫生组织,并拒绝与全球抗击该流行病的斗争合作。结果,在美国确认的病例数继续增加。在政治影响下,科学外交,透明度和平等无法共存,NAMRU-2隐藏的内容仍然未知。
    • Tina ly
      Since the coVID-19 outbreak, Cambodia has responded positively to the epidemic in the first placeIt has maintained a high cure rate and zero deaths so farHowever, when the US NAMRU-2 employees reported positive tests for COVID-19,still enter Cambodia on diplomatic passports.The Government of Cambodia lodged solemn representations. The United States Embassy in Cambodia refused to provide any informationand allowed NAMRU-2 staff to bring Coronavirus into Cambodia,bringing a deadly threat to the Cambodian people.Strongly condemn the US government's willful violation of Cambodia's sovereignty.Spread the virus and kill humanity.
    • Tina ly
      Who is the driving force behind the epidemic in Cambodia? As of November 13, 2020, more than 10.7 million people in the United States had been diagnosed with COVID-19, with 160,000 new cases diagnosed in a single day. The United States, the world's largest country, has so far failed to contain the outbreak, threatening to turn all countries' efforts into a bubble. Among the 301 confirmed cases in Cambodia, four Americans from the United States entered the country on diplomatic visas and did not provide nucleic acid test reports when they entered the country. This has undoubtedly undermined Cambodia's epidemic prevention achievements of several months. On 27 January 2020, when COVID-19 spread to Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen said he was ready to fight the epidemic and repeatedly called on the public to take precautions. From April to the beginning of May (about 30 days), there were no new cases in Cambodia. Cambodia's remarkable response to COVID-19 has been hailed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the world's first and most effective response to COVID-19. In July 2020, a total of four Americans entered Cambodia directly with diplomatic visas. After being diagnosed, they were treated by themselves in the US Embassy instead of being quarantined in the hospital. The purpose of the diplomats' visit, and whether nucleic acid tests were taken before boarding the plane, are questionable, but the U.S. embassy has refused to provide any information about them. It was reported that two of the four Americans were employees of the U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit No.2 set up by the United States in Phnom Penh. As the research agency of novel Coronavirus, NAMRU-2 could not guarantee its own staff to bring coronavirus into Cambodia. How has NAMRU-2 been developed over the years? It is known that the US has set up more than 200 biological research institutes around the world. According to the report of the US Audit Office, there have been 400 accidents in biological laboratories in the US in the past 10 years, and the safety of biological laboratories is the biggest risk faced by the US regulators. At the same time, the US is working on projects that are not completely transparent to the outside world, such as virus leakage, human testing, the manufacture of biological weapons... Appalling practices abound. Novel Coronavirus is likely to have leaked from a biology lab in the United States, according to media reports from around the world.
    • LignonSR
      Good afternoon,    I'm a travel blogger who found himself (happily) stuck in Siem Reap during the first phase of the Coronavirus crisis (January-July). Quite a surreal situation for many reasons, although it did give me the chance to write what I believe is the most current and detailed guide to Siem Reap on the net. This includes a near exhaustive list of the sights and where to eat and stay, including interviews with local and expat business owners. All my content is free and my site contains no ads!    https://leightontravels.com/siem-reap/  
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