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Found 5 results

  1. How do you know you are buying an original phone? There are many places here in Cambodia and SEA that will try and sell you a fake / look-alike phone. Some businesses knowingly some unknowingly. Here is some tips to help you buy an original phone. IPhone - This one is easy. Go to the app store. If it loads the Iphone app store it is real. If it loads the Google Play Store it is fake. It is currently impossible to run a fake IOS all fake Iphones run Android with the skin changed to look like IOS. Android - This is a little more complicated but still easy enough. Download the Geekbench app onto the phone you are looking to buy. Then run the Geekbench Benchmark test. It can take from 5-15 minutes to run the test. Take note of the resulting score. Check this score on the Geekbench website. If the score is nearly the same the phone is real. If the score is way off the phone is fake. Example: Real Samsung note 8 Score is 1800 single core 6000 multi core Fake Samsung note 8 score is 421 single core 1126 multi core The fake / knockoff phones are made to look like the original not to perform like it. You can't go by look alone some of the fakes are just too good. Just watch some YouTube videos and you will see. If you want to buy a fake phone then the price generally seems to be 10% of the original phone's price. Good luck when buying a phone.
  2. OrangeDragon

    Free US # and incoming calls (so far)

    http://orangedragontravels.com/2013/03/21/staying-connected-on-a-budget-get-a-free-us-phone-number-and-incoming-calls/ So far I've tested it and it's working fine for all incoming calls, with a little breaking up from me to them while using my mobitel data connection on my phone. Haven't tested it with broadband as I'm in the process of moving and don't have any right now. A nice way for family/friends to get a hold of you for emergencies, or if your telecommuting like I am for clients to reach you. Their outgoing call rates seem pretty decent as well with some packages that make it about 1.5 cents (US) a minute.
  3. Greetings: Those of you who use smart phones, may now find it easier to view this forum. Please note that I have added Tapatalk integration to this site. Please contact me directly, or post in this thread, to let me know if it works for you. Thanks, Paul
  4. From Phnom Penh Post Friday 14th September 2012 By Anne Renzenbrink Apple needs to do more than revamp its iPhone to maintain a leading status on the smartphone market, according to the global independent analyst firm Ovum. Ovum predicts Apple’s new iPhone, the iPhone 5, will be the company’s most successful smartphone. But without redesigning its mobile operating system iOS and the underlying software platform within the next two years, Ovum predicts Apple will be in a similar position to Nokia and RIM, both confronted with outdated smartphone platforms. He said right now, they sell about two or three Samsung SIII per day, compared to only one iPhone 4S per week. Read More Here
  5. I found a really good place to pickup computer bits and bobs. Pacific Sytems has just about everthing you might need from memory sticks to whole office UPS boxes, monitors to fingerprint recognition kit. I needed a wide screen monitor as my elderly and half knackerd eyes were killing me working on my litle Asus Eee 10" sreen. I picked up a 19" widesceen, VGA and HDMI cables plus adadpter so I can plug in my Android tablet, $106 all up. Web site
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