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Found 4 results

  1. Here are my current costs: So far, I have just under $900 USD invested in my bees. This includes 2 hive stands, 2 colonies of bees, all wood ware, including 12 deep hive bodies, 4 inner covers, 2 outer covers, 2 screened and 2 solid bottom boards, 2 entrance reducers, 90 frames - all with a minimum of wax sheets, 35 with drawn comb, 2 frame feeders, 10 bottle (chicken) feeders, 4 boardman style feeders, 2 mini (mating) nucs from Simon The Beekeeper (UK), 20 frame separators (to space 9 frames equally apart in supers), 5 veils, 1 smoker with smoker fuel, 2 pairs of gloves, 16 metal entrance gates (for 5 frame nucs I will construct), 2 frame holders, 4 queen excluders, 3 bee brushes, and 40 queen cages. The majority of items, aside from the wood ware, were purchased off eBay.com. All wood ware was purchased in Cambodia. The total includes $30 USD for wood and $7.50 USD for shade cloth, to build the cover over the bees.
  2. Something I didn't know, was how much honey you can hope to harvest from beehives throughout the year. In the interview linked below, Jeff tells a local news reporter (he's in Louisiana) that he tried to harvest 400 gallons per year, from 43 hives. That's 1,514 liters of honey, folks! Interview with WDSU television station Jeff's Youtube channel videos
  3. Parrothead

    Beekeeping Video Resources

    Other really good Beekeeping channels to view on YouTube, in no particular order, are: Joe May David Burns Jeff Horchoff JPthebeeman Scott Hendriks Barnyard Bees Walls Bee Man 628DirtRooster Trevor Gillbanks Jason Chrisman Honey Bee Honey Don The Fat Bee Man Beekeepers Workshop The Norfolk Honey Company UoG Honey Bee Research Centre Funny Bug Bees and Wood Works Something I am VERY happy to see, is a Khmer who is working to help populate bees in Cambodia. He is trying to teach others, so they will stop destroying hives and killing bees. This fellow is in Siem Reap and has a good channel going, as well: Khmer Beekeeping
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