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Found 2 results

  1. Reference Websites: http://dailydump.org/learn/troubleshooting.html#BSF BSFL Compost Bin Black Soldier Fly Larvae Online Forums: http://www.blacksoldierflyfarming.com/forum/index http://blacksoldierflyblog.com/forum/ YouTube: Living Web Farms NWRedworms
  2. Throughout my research, I have seen a number of different products that can be fed to Tilapia. I started out with a bit of commercial feed, as I didn't have anything on such short notice to give them. However, we enlisted the motodop driver to find some duckweed for us. Good call. Drop a bit of duckweed into the tank, and the fish go nuts over it! Definitely a hit for them! I have seen some aquaculturists feeding their Tilapia only duckweed, while others feed theirs commercial feed, or perhaps black soldier fly larvae. As soon as I can get a colony of BSF's going here, I will start supplementing their diet with the larvae as well. If I get a chance, I will try to take a short video tomorrow - errr, later today, of feeding them duckweed. Just have to purchase the pipes and fittings first, to get the tanks set up for the children.
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