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Found 7 results

  1. mollydooker


    Anyone visited here ??
  2. Myanmar to follow Cambodia’s lead in documenting recent history Fri, 13 September 2013 Poppy McPherson Myanmar is in the process of setting up a documentation centre to reflect on decades of human rights abuses. It’s using the records of Toul Sleng prison as inspiration. When Chit Min Lay first visited Toul Sleng last month, the cramped cells and blood-splattered walls were eerily familiar. It looked just like “his jailâ€: the concrete box in Myanmar where he spent 14 years as a political prisoner. He saw the photographs of victims, and turned away. “I didn’t dare to see their faces, because I lost my friends in prison. I didn’t want to see these horrible things.†Read more: http://www.phnompenhpost.com/7days/myanmar-follow-cambodia%E2%80%99s-lead-documenting-recent-history
  3. Guest

    Titanic 3D, a Myanmar first.

    Titanic to be Myanmar’s first film From Phnom Penh Post Wednesday 15th August 2012 The first movie to play in Myanmar in more than a decade will be Titanic 3-D, Twentieth Century Fox has announced. The film will open on Saturday, August 17 in the Southeast Asian nation formerly known as Burma after Fox made an agreement with Mingalar Co, a local importer that operates eight single-screen cinemas in the country. Read More Here
  4. Guest

    Tug-of-War over Myanmar

    From Phnom Penh Post Monday 16th July 2012 By Roger Mitton In general, governments react to changes in foreign lands based on their own selfish interests, not on whether those changes are inherently good or bad. That was clearly demonstrated by the differing responses of the world’s superpowers, China and the United States, to the sweeping and sudden reforms in Myanmar. When President Thein Sein replaced the former dictator Than Shwe last year, there was profound scepticism in the West, especially in Washington, about whether his reformist moves were sincere. Read More Here
  5. Guest

    US eases Myanmar sanctions

    From Phnom Penh Post Friday 13th July 2012 By David Boyle and Cheang Sokha The US gave its business community the green light to invest in Myanmar late on Wednesday night, including the country’s rich oil and gas fields, though restrictions remain on who they can do business with. Shortly after April’s by-elections in Myanmar, also known as Burma, the US announced that it planned to ease the sanctions in recognition of the country’s dramatic transition from five decades of military rule to a limited form of democracy. Read More Here
  6. From The Nation Monday 25th June 2012 By Bamrung Amnartcharoenrit BANGKOK: -- Thailand will not lose its leadership among regional destinations from the opening of the tourism industry in Myanmar because of its quality facilities and professionalism, an expert said last week. In contrast, Thailand stands to benefit because the young and fresh scenario of Myanmar will help boost regional travel by offering new products to increase tourist arrivals, said Steven Schipani, a social sector specialist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) based in Bangkok. Thailand will still play a key role as the gateway to the region. The bank's research found that 30 foreign travellers out of every 100 visiting the Asean bloc have seen two countries. Read More Here
  7. From Phnom Penh Post Monday 21st May 2012 By Victoria Bruce In the lobbies and bars of Rangoon’s high scale hotels, the shady pasts of Burma’s business elite do not seem to deter the hordes of Western businessmen there to seek their fortune in the resource-rich country. “Right now, Burma is a blank canvas,” one investor says. “And we’re the artists.” And bringing Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, into the 21st century is surely a Michelangelo-esque challenge, as these investors sip their cold drinks and discuss plans to paint Southeast Asia’s Sistine Chapel with the bold strokes of new roads, train lines, ports, electric grids and telecommunications networks. Read More Here
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