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Found 4 results

  1. First, we have 61 chicks. Today, in fact, they are 4 weeks old. Tonight, while watching them, I felt as though something was wrong. There is a box inside the coop where they sleep, that was turned away out of direct sight. I grabbed a piece of bamboo, opened the door, and pulled the box around so I could view inside it. One of the chicks, the original 20 (one of the large black ones) was walking around with its head hanging down. If I were to compare it to something, it looks as though the little guy is walking around with a broken neck. Chan seems to think he has no food in his stomach, as though he hasn't been eating. We are going to administer meds, try to get the little guy to eat and see how it goes. I hope the little guy ends up okay. Dang. I was just bragging today as to how proud I was to have such a healthy flock of birds.
  2. The above quote couldn't have been posted at a more appropriate time. You recall we had one chick sent to the farm to be watched, and isolated from the other birds? Keep that in mind a few minutes, please. So, this morning, up before first light and the chickens. We planned on taking the chicks to the farm this morning, and wanted to do so before it got too hot. A bit late starting out, as we had to stop by a supply store and pick up a couple of rolls of chicken wire to finish off the new digs at the farm. Got 'em all boxed up, meds and vitamins packed, food packed, larger water and food dispensers packed and ready to go. Off we went down the road. Arrived before the sun was too high in the morning sky. We unloaded the birds, took the boxes into the new (walk in) chicken house, and opened 'em up. Three boxes, three Khmers, unloading and counting. 60 birds? Check, 60 birds present. (One in seclusion, isolated, if you recall above.) Man, were they happy! Diggin' around in the cool dirt to have a bath in. Not nearly as hot there, as it is here. Even had a nice breeze blowing there. So, those chicks are going to be quite happy. Anyway, we (READ: I) noticed one of the large water dispensers (that you hang from the ceiling) was cracked and definitely would leak. So, off the boss and I went to get another one to replace it with. Got back, filled the water with pretty fresh rain water from the storage tanks, and I put it in the chicken house. Sitting there, watching the flock, I started to feel a bit bad, because I had not even checked on the little guy who had Wrye Neck, a few nights before. So, I asked Chan if the isolated chick had any water and food. She, in turn, asked the family, rather than going and looking. The next news I got, chilled me to the bone, and pissed me off beyond belief. Yep. Sure enough. "Paul, he put the chick in with the others after we left to get the water dispenser." After throwing everything from my hands, picking up and throwing a chair, and raising my voice enough so they could hear it in Phnom Penh, I asked her why in hell he would have done such a stupid thing? She said she didn't know he would do it. He didn't know the chick was supposed to be isolated. So, you come home from the land (they were planting crops before this morning when he returned home), see this one chick off by himself, and say, "Boy, wouldn't he like to be in with his friends?!" That, is, rather than querying yourself, and then others, as to why a chick would be in isolation away from the rest of the flock. Either way, he came over, walked inside the chicken house, looks at the birds, and picks one from the 61 birds walking and laying around their new digs. Ya know, I am curious here. I wonder how in hell he would have a clue as to which, specific bird was the one with wrye neck, especially since the bird had shown NO symptoms in over two days. In my mind, I feel that we just played the lotto - or would that be Russian Roulette? And, we will not know if we won, or splattered our brains all over the floor, very soon. I tell ya, I begin to think they are ready for the next step, and then they prove what an idiot I am for thinking such a stupid thing in the first place. They simply, without a doubt, without a second thought, have no clue as to what they need to do, in order to properly provide for the chickens. Of course, if they lose them all, why should they care? They have zero dollars invested. I am the rich foreigner who can afford to start this all over again. Yeah, right. I have a headache. I just walked over to the motorbike, started it up, and drove off toward home. I am here now, and need some rest to cope with this. A couple more photos:
  3. Firstly, you gotta love living in SE Asia - a junkies haven. Go to the farm supply place and get a syringe and needle, no questions asked, dispensed to anyone that comes in. The same at Pharmacies around the country, I'd bet. Anyway, the issue I have is a calculation for vitamins. It's a 100 ml container - bottle. It reads, "One part (20 ml) to 40 liters of water." This is for "Normal Conditions". It reads, "One part (20 ml) to 20 liters of water." This is for "Intensive Conditions". Both mixes are to be fed to them 3 to 5 days per week. My first question is, what would be considered "Intensive Conditions"? Second question - more of a concern here is, please verify my math here. 20 ml to 40 liters would be 100 ml to 200 liters. So, this should be 1/2 ml to 1 liter for normal conditions and 1 ml to 1 liter for intensive conditions, right? Just making sure here.
  4. Probably not exactly what you thought. Let me explain. A little while back, before we got the first chicks we have now, a driver told us that he would keep us in mind the next time he had chicks. He rang today. 2,500r per chick, no minimum. We met him, asked him to wait for us to go fetch some other watering bottles, and off we went. A little FYI: The ducklings are 1,500r each. Came back, he followed us to the house and she counted out 30 chicks. He only had 11 left. He offered 1 free if we bought the last 10. I countered at buying 8 more and getting 3 free. He quickly agreed. Obviously, I should have started at a lower number. So, now we have another 41 chicks. Yes, 41. This brings the total to 61 chicks in all. We will keep these little ones separated from the others for a couple of days, to make sure they are okay. He said these little guys are 1 week old today. Just so happens, so are our original birds. EDIT: Merged posts
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