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Found 2 results

  1. Parrothead

    Finally got my fence charger

    Back in June, I created a thread regarding the installation of an electrified perimeter fencing around the farm. The primary reason is to keep goats, and maybe some pigs, contained within a given area. A secondary reason is to keep predators (the two-legged kind) off the property. We are going to start by fencing in an initial area for the livestock. This plan calls for 66 vertical posts, 5 strands of wire (3 hot, 2 ground), and 330 insulators. The initial plan is to run two ground wires, alternating between three hot wires, to guarantee proper conductivity of the electric signal during dry season. I will add a additional ground rods along the fence, as well. The initial area to fence in will be a bit over a half acre, or ~2,100 square meters. As time goes on, we will expand this area. Anyway, on to the main point of this post. Earlier this month, we were in the city to pay rent, bills, and to buy groceries for the month. While there, I met up with my friend Pete, who was able to get the fence charger I have been trying to locate for a while. If it isn't 20,000 volts, it's damned close. I tested it and it will create one heck of a spark. I know I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of its bite. Anyway, thanks to Pete, for being able to locate the charger for me. We are one step closer to getting goats (and, hopefully, pigs).
  2. One of the types of animals we wish to get in the fairly near future, are goats. (They currently run about $5.00 US / kilogram, by the way.) However, goats are known to be escape artists, from what others tell me. (Pigs too, from what I understand?) Anyway, one way to keep goats penned in, is by adding electric fencing around the perimeter of the land, where you wish them to remain. It so happens that a buddy of mine out this way (about another 20 Kilometers past the farm), sells electric fence chargers made in Thailand. I believe they run about $40 US, each? (Don't hold me to that, but I believe that is the cost?) Nothing pretty to look at, from what I can tell. But, they can be powered by either 12 vdc, or 230 vac. They apparently produce one heck of a spark, as well. So, they are not lightweight models. And, you can increase or decrease the energizing cycles. Higher rates for stubborn or larger animals, I suppose? Anyway, have a look: High tensile strength wire could be purchased at a number of stores, I'm pretty sure. In fact, the only problem I see, would be in locating fence post insulators. But, having done of bit of searching, and very little ingenuity, we could make our own fence insulators by purchasing a couple of local parts and manufacturing them ourselves. 1. Buy a few kilograms of fence post nails / staples: 2. Buy a roll of thick walled tubing. Cut it to 10 cm (~4") length pieces. 3. Then, slide the cut length of tubing down the wire and fasten it to each fence post. This idea would be much better than buying from ANY company online. You see, I found that I could buy 50 of these lengths of tubing for $30 USD online, NOT including shipping OR fence nails / staples. That's $.60ยข US, each piece! Download This Write Up electric_fencing_idea.docx
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