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Found 9 results

  1. Parrothead

    Resources for Chicken Farming

    I have been doing some extensive research online, trying to learn everything I can about chicks, hens and roosters. Members here, as well as on other sites, have offered some good information, links, and other data to help me out. I will start listing some of that in this thread, for those interested. This list will be a rolling list. I will add additional useful resources, as I find them. Online Forums / Groups: Chicken Forum / Site Backyard Chickens Forum / Site Informational eBooks: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Improving Village Chicken Production Part 1 (PDF) Improving Village Chicken Production Part 2 (PDF) Improving Village Chicken Production Part 3 (PDF) Improving Village Chicken Production Part 4 (PDF) The Chicken Health Handbook (PDF) Small Scale Chicken Production (PDF) The Joy of Keeping Chickens (PDF) Choosing and Keeping Chickens (PDF) Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens (PDF) Water Requirements for Poultry (PDF) Chicken Coop / Brooder / Tractor Plans: Laying Nests (PDF) Chicken Tractor (PDF) 300 Hen Laying House (Part 1) (PDF) 300 Hen Laying House (Part 2) (PDF) Anatomy / Incubation Period Images: Chicken Anatomy (RAR) - 5 files Chicken Incubation / Gestation Period Calendar (Image) Medical Information: Wry Neck Chickens - Image results for comparison All files are hosted on a cloud account. But, I have them stored locally as well. If, for any reason, you are unable to download any of the above listed files, please click the "Report" button under this post, and let me know which file(s) you are having problems with.
  2. Okay. So, I finally got hold of the vaccination for the birds I am now raising. But, first, we did drop by one place, and rang the other supplier, to ask if they had in fact vaccinated the birds prior to us receiving them. Both said they did. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't - I don't know for sure. However, there is NO doubt, I am talking zero doubt here, that they have not been vaccinated now. I know, because we did it today, for sure. The stuff comes in two bottles, kept refrigerated until mixed. Here is what you get when you buy the "Var'ceen (វ៉ាក់សាំង) or VARK'SUNG": One bottle is pure liquid. The other is some sort of crystals. Take a needle and plunger, stick it in the liquid bottle and fill the plunger. Take it out, inject it into the bottle of crystals and fill that bottle mostly full. Shake it until well mixed. Fill the plunger with the mixture, remove it from that bottle and inject, and fill the previous bottle (the one with all the liquid). Repeat until all the crystals have dissolved and have been mixed with the liquid, and have been transferred to the larger bottle with the liquid in it. Shake. Insert the little injector / dispenser thingy (the third item in the photo above). Grab one chick and hold it so it's head is turned with its eye facing you. Gently squeeze one drop into the bird's eye. Turn the bird's head (or its entire body) over and repeat. Total cost for both items and the injector / dispenser thingy was 7,500r or just under $2.00 USD. This mixture will treat up to 100 birds to prevent Newcastle disease from being spread to them.
  3. Parrothead

    Alert! Alert!

    Well, we are finally back in the chicken business. Well, starting again. We picked up (what was told to us) two day old chicks, today - twenty of them. We will build a brooder / house for them tomorrow, at our new house.
  4. Okay, as usual, we seem to have a miscommunication problem, when it comes to translating from Khmer (Kam-eye) to English. Here is a translation for those of us who do not speak Khmer. When they say "all the chickens" died, that translates into "all but two of the chickens" died. Now that we have that translation sorted, and now that we know two of the chicks, from the entire flock, actually lived, I can't help but ask one question, "Why?" Don't get me wrong. I am glad the two little guys managed to make it. I am just wondering why - whatever it was, killed all of them, chicks and adult birds, with the exception of these two? Who knows? I guess I will never know. Pics:
  5. Parrothead

    Yard Buzzard (Chicken) Update

    Well, I just figured I would give all concerned an update on what we have decided to do - for now, anyway. We have found a carpenter to build us a brooder. We are going to buy some chicks as soon as it is built. Not sure how many, yet. Probably, well, more than likely, about 20 to start with. Considering two chicks were the only ones that survived the black plague for chickens at the farm, this is probably crazy to do here at the apartment, rather than at the farm. But, what the heck. It will give me something to do during the day. There is a vacant piece of land, about 30 m2 in area, adjacent to the apartment. We have been granted permission from the owner to have some chicks there. I figure we will raise them for several weeks, then transfer them to the farm. Upon transferring the first batch to the farm, we will buy more chicks, same number of birds, and repeat the process each month. Each time, we will build a different house for them. (Well, that is the plan anyway.) Also, I have ordered leg bands, several hundred in fact, which should be here fairly soon. We will put different colored bands on each group of birds, as they are introduced to the farm. This will separate each clutch of birds from the others. I will log dates, feed purchases, etc., for each clutch. That way, if we wish to experiment with different nutrients, feeding times / amounts, medications, vitamins, etc., we can.
  6. Parrothead

    Chicks, Feed & Medicine

    While I was out today, I decided to take a look at a local shop and see what they had to offer. Here is the information they gave me: 2 day old chicks, 3,500r / each. They said they would discount the chicks to 3,300r if I buy 300 of them. Feed for the chicks, 75,000r / 30 kilo bag. (Apparently, 10 chicks will consume one bag over the course of two months.) Bear in mind, this is the first farm supply shop I have visited. So, I do not know where the prices are, in comparison with other shops. The chicks, they claim, come from Thailand on the 13th of every month. I forgot my camera, but they had medicine (not sure of the price, as I forgot to ask) that is sold in 100g bags. It is called Enro 200. PREVENTION: 100g is good for 40 kilos of feed, or 60-80 liters of drinking water for the flock. TREATMENT: 100g is good for 20 kilos of feed or 40 liters of water for the flock.
  7. The chicks we are thinking about buying on the 13th of March, I just learned, they cannot be put on the ground. They are, for whatever reason(s), suseptible to viral infections and dying if they are let to roam around on the ground. So, they are supposed to spend their entire lives caged off the surface. Anyone ever heard this before?
  8. So, anyone familiar enough with birds to maybe have some input as to what happened? I have not been at the farm since this happened. We lost about thirty (30) chickens and chicks. But, from what I understand, the chickens were around some of the neighbors recently. They are dead as well. Bird Flu? If so, why hasn't it affected any of the ducks. Some of the ducks were in the same area with the chickens. If so, how can I prevent this from happening again? Anyone have any idea as to what should be done to clean up any bacteria left behind? The ducks, all of which are still alive: Most of the chickens are in these images, all of which are now dead:
  9. phuketrichard

    For Paul ;building chicken coup

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