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Found 2 results

  1. @Oz Jon, I was informed today that Cootel was going to move tower locations (READ: already had moved), thus causing the signal to drop at the farm. We are talking a serious drop in signal, so much that they suggested we discontinue the service with them. My thread regarding our Cootel service. Fortunately, I had already begun to cover all my bases, by contacting the omnidirectional antenna manufacturer, via email, for price and availability on a yagi antenna offering similar specs (frequency range, impedance, etc.). And, I have been discussing with you, the possibly sending the signal from my apartment in the city, to the farm, as well. Anyway, below is the specs sheet for the omni, which I sent to him. He, quite obviously, did not read the subject line of the email, or the specs sheet, aside from the model number of the antenna. Here are a couple of the (several) PDFs he sent to me: TDJ-1900ACY7.pdf TDJ-1900SP10.pdf Keep in mind, I was quite clear in the frequency range I needed, which was stated in the subject line, as well as on the specs sheet.
  2. Well, I finally had enough of the dongle recharges. I decided I wanted something offering a bit more of a deal, too. I found one. Well, my friends Alan and John (Bohn, a long time friend from Cebu) sent me a text yesterday to let me know their new internet service provider guys were there to do the installs in their respective apartments. (Alan and John currently live adjacent to each other.) So, I dropped by to watch this. The company is WIZION Broadband, based out of Phnom Penh. The current offers are shown here: Wizion Broadband current internet service offers. I actually have their $35 USD / month package, but have been getting well over 1 Megabit up and down. They are not new to Sihanoukville, having been here for more than two years. I guess, until now, they just had not marketed themselves well. Anyway, I should be able to give you some good feedback on their service over the next few weeks.
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