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Found 8 results

  1. Howdy, First, some images of the tower that broadcasts the signal: We stopped by there on the way back to the apartment today, to get a few images and to grab its GPS coordinates. The tower is located at: 12.974649, 103.053851 decimal, or 12° 58' 28.7364'' N by 103° 3' 13.8636'' E The farm's GPS coordinates are: 12.9867798, 103.0072846 decimal, or 12° 59' 12.4073'' N by 103° 0' 26.2246'' E I still have to work on the Google Earth elevations.
  2. Metfone has internet access running out Highway 57 (Southwest toward the farm). But, the access is limited to just off the highway. So, I have been working on a solution, to get the internet extended to the farm. I finally received, compliments of a friend, two TP Link CPE-510's. One will function as an Access Point for the other unit, while it will serve as a Client. They are good for about 15 kilometers, according to the specifications. I just have to complete the tower builds (one has to be looked at again, due to my findings, below) and have the antennae mounted up top. Both are powered via POE (Power Over Ethernet). There is a 3.35 meters (11 feet) difference in the elevation, with the highway being on the lower end. I have to take this into account when mounting these units. So, I now need an extra story high, at which to mount that unit. Sort one thing out, and two other issues crop up.
  3. Okay boys and girls. You folks, well, someone anyway, wanted to know how well this has performed. Bear in mind, I have only had the connection for less than a week. Anyone can provide good service (wait until you hear about the problem) for five (5) days. Anyway, here it goes. June 06 - I paid my deposits for Metfone to install a 4 Megabit ADSL connection. $50 USD paid. June 13 - Metfone called me up to install my internet service. I told them I could meet them in 30 minutes, as I wasn't home at the time. They arrived a bit after I did, to perform the install - two guys. They installed service, albeit by Cambodian standards (wire hanging from a tree, etc.). I connected my Linksys e1000 Wireless N Router to the modem. Connected two (2) computers and one (1) personal pad thingy. Checked speed: 3.8 Megabits down, .82 Megabits up - good enough for Cambodia. They answered any / all questions I had of them, surprisingly well. They wrote my account and two (2) contact numbers down, and taped them to the modem. I began using Metfone ADSL. June 13 - June 16 - Service fine. No issues. June 16 - Issue began about 18:30. internet dropped out. I rang the first service number taped to my modem. A guy answered. I gave him my account number. Tech stated a local issue was being addressed - please give it 30 minutes. Less than 30 minutes passed. By the time I had connected a dongle to the laptop, service had been restored. Service rang me to make sure my internet connection was okay. June 16 - Today Service fine. No issues. Considering the service one would typically get in Asia - anywhere, I am impressed with Metfone - THUS FAR. Metfone have provided me with excellent internet service since first going with their dongle service. For almost a year, I have used Metfone via dongle, with the exception of a couple / few months when I tried out Wizion. (I had Wizion remove their equipment about two to three months ago, simply due to shite service.) The one issue I am not quite clear about is, how I will be billed. From the way they spoke, I guess I just have to remember to go into the local company office once per month to pay my bill? Either way, I will update that part as soon as I know more about it.
  4. I just bought a Huawei mobile hotspot/wifi and love it. Just insert the Metfone sim (limited plan with dongle) card and it gives me internet for my computer and tablet. Its smaller than a pack of Cigs.
  5. Well, I finally had enough of the dongle recharges. I decided I wanted something offering a bit more of a deal, too. I found one. Well, my friends Alan and John (Bohn, a long time friend from Cebu) sent me a text yesterday to let me know their new internet service provider guys were there to do the installs in their respective apartments. (Alan and John currently live adjacent to each other.) So, I dropped by to watch this. The company is WIZION Broadband, based out of Phnom Penh. The current offers are shown here: Wizion Broadband current internet service offers. I actually have their $35 USD / month package, but have been getting well over 1 Megabit up and down. They are not new to Sihanoukville, having been here for more than two years. I guess, until now, they just had not marketed themselves well. Anyway, I should be able to give you some good feedback on their service over the next few weeks.
  6. I have a Smart USB Dongle for sale, including the SIM. If you reload the credit, you will be given an additional 2 Gigabytes of credit each month, for the next two months. Firm Price: $20 USD. I paid $35 for it, including the dongle, the SIM card, and $5.00 USD credit, about three weeks ago. Selling because I am happier with the Metfone Dongle I have been using since the first part of June. Interested parties contact me at: 088-38-24-501
  7. First, let me preface this post with a little information about Metfone. The dongle I have is a black one with white trim. The company also sells one that is white. The software that loads when you connect the white one will be different than the black one that I have. Anyway, onward. When you connect the dongle, the software will be loaded into your computer. The control panel will look like this: Click on "Menu". When the drop down menu opens, click on "USSD". The following window will open. You will have several options in the drop down menu, one of them being able to check the balance of your account: Another option will be to load credit on to the account: Follow the directions, inserting the card number to replace the default zeros in the sequence, and click "Okay" to load the card. After clicking "Okay" to check the balance of the account, a message will show in the upper window, telling you how many dollars and cents you have as your dollar balance. (This is NOT the same as your data balance. I will explain this more, later.) After the message shows in the upper window, you will see a popup on the bottom right side of your screen, as shown below: Afterward, click the "X" to close the request window, and the main view for the control panel will show again, automatically. Click on the "SMS" button - - and the following window will open, showing your new messages in blue. Highlight the most recent message and it will show in the lower side of that window. (If you cannot read it clearly enough, highlight the text and paste it into a word editor, or notepad, as I do.) I have been keeping a record of the credit on my MetFone USB Dongle, and how it has been used. Typically, if you are only browsing web pages and sending / receiving email, you will use very little of the allotted bandwidth each month. It is when you are downloading videos (YouTube, etc.) or when you are downloading torrent files, that you start hitting the bandwidth on the dongle. Do note that, when you first have the SIM card loaded, upon purchasing the SIM, dongle, and initial credit, you will see a message that reads something like the following, after checking your balance: "Name/Number: 1770 Time: 2012-07-17 20:18:10 Content: Hello!You have following free resource: 100 items free items for onnet sms, 307200 KB free data1, 2644614 KB free data2,Thank you." The amount of credit will vary, depending on what you have purchased. The above text was sent well after I had been using my internet. It should be over 4,000,000, if new. Now, how the dongle "uses" or "consumes" the credit you have on the SIM. The first credit it will use is the balance of "Data2". After "Data2" has been depleted, "Data1" will be consumed. After "Data1" has been depleted, the dongle will start consuming the credit from your USD balance. So, if you keep an eye on your balance, every once in awhile anyway, you will have enough time to buy another card to top up (reload) the credit on the dongle. Please note that you can also send and receive text / SMS messages through your Metfone USB Dongle. As you can see on the SMS I received, above, you are allowed 100 free text messages. Simply use it as you would any cell phone, when sending messages to any other domestic cell number.. I hope this has been a helpful tutorial for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them in this thread.
  8. Guest

    Metfone Football Sponsorship

    Metfone double down deal From Phnom Penh Post Wednesday 13th June 2012 By Ung Chamroeun and Dan Riley The Football Federation of Cambodia has received another major boost to its activities after signing a new three-year sponsorship deal with Metfone. The mobile-phone operator, currently the largest in Cambodia in terms of subscriptions, signed a US$1.5 million agreement for the naming rights to the Kingdom’s top tier league, the Metfone C-League, which will double up on their original three-year contract of the same amount. The deal, which runs from 2013 to 2015, was reported by the Kampuchea Thmey daily newspaper yesterday following a signing ceremony held at the Sunway Hotel on Monday, to which Post reporters were not invited. According to yesterday’s article, the money will not only be spent on sponsoring the next three seasons of the Metfone C-League, but will also go towards the Federation’s many domestic leagues and competitions.
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