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How long is your piece of string ?

What do you spend a month all inclusive to live in Cambodia  

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  1. 1. whats your budget

    • living on spouses money :)
    • $250usd-----$500usd
    • $500usd-----$750usd
    • $1000usd-----$1250usd
    • $1250usd-----$1500usd
    • $1500usd-----$1750usd
    • $1750usd-----$2000usd
    • $2000usd-----$2500usd
    • $2500usd-----$3000usd
    • $3000usd-----$4000usd
    • #4000usd and above

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I have just celebrate my 53 birthday, last week in Cambodia. But it is true, I have now no regular income.

With this recent visit I have been looking for what I can do in the line of business.

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Dining out, that is a big chunk of the budget. In fact, that will probably be the single largest expense that changes in the budget, after moving to the farm. Depending on whether you are with someone, will make a big difference. That is, unless you are the type who loves to cook. I don't. No, really. I. do, not. cook. ever. Ever. On the rare occasion that I lived alone in the past, I dined out - just more frequently than if I were living with, or married to someone.

That aged well.   The best way to die young.  Eating out every day - its hard to stay healthy, although you might be very well rounded.  

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