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Skimmer added to fish tank.

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I was noticing Chan using a small fish net while looking into the fish tank, fairly often. I didn't realize that, for a while, she had been doing this to clean fish and food waste from the top of the water column. I looked at the tank after the next feeding. I noticed a large amount floating on and just under the surface of the water.


I had been considering going with a skimmer for some time. But, at that time, I had not yet transferred the junior Tilapia to the tank with the larger fish. So, only ten fish were creating this massive amount of waste. I could only imagine what it would look like after I had over 50 fish in the tank. 


So, Tha came by and off to the hardware and plumbing stores he went. 


I decided to go with 25mm (1") PVC system, mainly due to the fact that I had a drain that wasn't really being used in the RFF (Radial Flow Filter). This would also prevent me from having to pop another hole in the RFF, AND would save me from having to use another 25mm (1") Uniseal. So, it was convenient - very convenient.


To be perfectly honest, I waited to open the skimmer valve up until after a feeding, just so viewers can see how well it actually works. Take a peak now:


A view of the pipe routing from the outside of the fish tank:



What a new, unmodified 75mm to 25mm (3" to 1") PVC bell reducer looks like.



The modified bell reducer we are using for the skimmer. It was taken from the bottom of the RFF, since we never used that to drain the filter anyway.



Parts / Tools Required:
1 - drill motor
1 - file to smooth edges of PVC after cutting
1 - hack saw or PVC cutters
1 - 1 3/4" (44mm) hole saw with pilot bit
2 - 25mm (1") Uniseals
1 - 25mm (1") ball valve
1 - can of PVC glue. (Some folks use primer. I never have. As long as it is glued properly in the first place, PVC will not leak.)
1 - 75mm to 25mm (3" to 1") PVC bell reducer. I modified mine as you can see in the video. However, that isn't necessary for it to work. I feel it does function better, though, notched at the top (on the 75mm (3") end.)
Several (I used 4, but depends on your tank / filter locations) 90° - 25mm (1") PVC elbows.
A length of 25mm (1") PVC pipe. (This length, again, will depend on the distance between your tank and your filter.
Stay tuned. Another addition-to-the-system write up coming in the morning.
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