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Duckweed growing bed.

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First, this was the thread I was going to start, when I posted the quoted text, below: 


Stay tuned. Another addition-to-the-system write up coming in the morning.


Sorry about that. I let time slip away and forgot about it. 


Anyway, since we began growing veggies, I have been taking it easy trying to get the lettuce to grow. But, those of you who have seen those photos, know they seem to be committing suicide. Or, I am murdering them, albeit slowly. 


Either way, this entire time, we have one large grow bed, just over 4 meters long, by 1 meter wide and 30cm deep. Something close to that, anyway. We also have an adjacent bed, which measures about 1.4m x 1.4m x 30cm deep. Although it has been cycled this entire time, just as the large bed has, we have not been growing anything in the bed - until now. 


I figured we would go ahead by adding Duckweed to the smaller bed, just to see how well it would grow. 




This image was taken three days ago, when the duckweed was first introduced to the DWC bed. I will post again at some point in the future, to let you know how well it is working out.

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