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Helpful / Educational Beekeeping Videos

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Beekeepers Workshop on YouTube.


Building A Telescoping Top Cover

Associated plan: Telescoping-Cover_20110321.pdf


Screened Bottom Board

Associated plan: Screened-Bottom-Board_20110324.pdf



Associated plan: Hive-Bodies_20110323.pdf


Making Frames - Part 1

Associated plan: Frames_20140701.pdf


Making Frames - Part 2

Associated plan: Frames_20140701.pdf

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Inner Cover

Associated plan: Inner-Cover_20110316.pdf


Mini Nucs - Part 1

Associated plan: Mini-Nucs_20150130.pdf


Mini Nucs - Part 2

Associated plan: Mini-Nucs_20150130.pdf


Mini Nucs - Part 3

Associated plan: Mini-Nucs_20150130.pdf


Three ten minute projects (Three different queen cages)

Associated plan: Pocket-Queen-Cage_201207161.pdf

Associated plan: Queen-Cell-Protector-Cage_20120716.pdf

Associated plan: Queen-Introduction-Cage_20120715.pdf



Here is a list of PDFs offered, that go along with some of the videos above, and other videos from his channel:

Beekeeper's Workshop PDF files on my Dropbox account.

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Funny Bug Bees and Wood Works on Youtube.


Howto: Four NUCS from a single sheet of plywood

Associated plan: 5framenuc_coates.pdf


HowTo: Build Langstroth frames with only a table saw pt 1 of 3 - top bars


HowTo: Build Langstroth frames with only a table saw pt 2 of 3 - bottom bars


HowTo: Build Langstroth frames with only a table saw pt 3 of 3 - end bars


HowTo: Make Langstroth Style beehive Entrance Reducers

Edited by Paul

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Cleo Hogan


Making Handholds on Bee Boxes using a Circular Saw Safely

Associated plan: handhold.pdf

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  • Similar Content

    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      A pretty good list of resources for Beekeeping:
      Library - Beekeeping 1
      Library - Beekeeping 2
      Library Bee Journal (British)
      Library Bee Journal (American)
    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      I have been pretty sick for a while. Coughing my guts up, for the most part. Have been delayed in returning to the farm due to the crud that I have contracted. Chan was able to talk with our regular pharmacist, though, who is a godsend for us. Honestly, she should have been a doctor. She recommended the appropriate medication once again, to help me get rid of yet, another illness. I hope to be over this enough to travel to the farm this morning (past midnight here, currently).
      Anyway, a little while back, I went ahead and moved forward regarding building our own wood ware, even though the table saw deal had fallen through. (For those who may not have read about it, I was issued a full refund from eBay.) I figured something would happen. And, it apparently has. I met a Khmer fellow who grew up in the US, having returned here about the time I came to Cambodia - back in 2012. He also happens to live not very far from the farm. He also happens to have a wood workshop, where we should be able to build the parts necessary for us to build our own hives and such. (I will try to get him involved in beekeeping, too.)
      So, this too, is a godsend - and for two reasons.
      Firstly, it has allowed me to meet a guy who is on the same page as me, but also lives near the farm. (Most of the foreigners I know, live within Battambang City limits.) Someone I can relate to on a westerner's level, and who understands what I am thinking about things. In short, someone I can damned talk with, to prevent me from going crazy at the farm. (I seem to recall a certain member, without mentioning any names, who said I wouldn't last six months at the farm. The odds just went more into my favor.)
      Secondly, he and I can combine our resources and build things that may benefit us both, in our respective interests. It will be great to be able to work hands on, building my girls their own "bee housing".
      Anyway, I had purchased a 3 horsepower compressor with a 50 Liters tank and two hose connections. I just have not taken the time to use it yet, because I am still lacking in some other tools. It seems as though, my new friend may have what I need, including the table saw. Anyway, here is the compressor and its respective accessories:



      Brad nailer with 15mm, 20mm, & 30mm brads

      Staple gun with 8mm staples.

      Not sure how long the air guns will last. They were only $15 / $16 USD, each.
      Not seen: 2 each - 9 meters length air hoses with quick disconnect couplings.
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