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Philippines 'breeding ground for terrorists', says NY plotter

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Oz Jon

Judging by the few Philippines news reports, etc we get in Oz, fighting Moslem extremists isn't high on the President's priorities?


Also I'm rather disappointed to read how long it's taking the Phil Army (which, I guess has grossly more capability/firepower than the rebels and lots of valuable intelligence input) to re-gain control of that Mindanao place.


I figure that the Govt has overwhelming superiority in military capability.


Granted that they are fighting crazy fanatics, and that's difficult, but -


You have to wonder if the Army/personnel have their heart in it?

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The rebels hide behind their hostages in typical Muzzslime style ..and the army refuse to bomb the mosque ...about the only building standing in a city of 500k ....nobody is well trained in this country ...thats why they never win at anything !!

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