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Another pretty straight forward tutorial, showing you how you may add an avatar to your account, using an image on your hard drive.

























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    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      You may have noticed something new in posts, since we upgraded to v4 of the IPB software. That new addition, is Acronym Expansion. You will notice a dotted line under acronyms / initials, like IPS, for example, the creators of the IPB software. If you mouse over these various groups of letters, a popup window will show you the expanded meaning of those initials, in case you may not be familiar with them. I will try to add more of these, as they come to mind, or as I see them in various posts on the site. If you have any you would like to see added, just let me know. Here are a few I have added, which some of you may find useful:
      For some of us who appreciate electronics, computers and such, AC, DC, SPST, SPDT, NiFe, NiCd, AH, FLA, GUI, WiFi, WAN, LAN, SWR, EER, BTU, BTUh, etc. 
      I have also added some cities in Cambodia, PP, SR, BTB, and SHV.
      Lastly, I have added various currencies and miscellaneous other acronyms. I have 104 acronyms, currently. Always adding more, as time permits.
    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      This tutorial will show you how to add images to a post. Doing so is pretty easy in this version of IPB. 
      1. Click to create a new topic, in any forum on this site.





      2. Now, you have one of two ways to attach images to your post. (Actually, three. But, that can be discussed later.)
      You can open the folder where the image is located. Click and hold the image, then drop it directly into the text box. In this example, I have the image on the desktop.
      You can drop the image below the text box, where it states, "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." (NOTE: Make sure your mouse is located within the text box, where you wish your image to be added.)
      Click the small + sign in order to add the image to your post.  
      3. Finish by adding your message to the text box, and clicking "Submit Topic". All done.

      As always, if you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please feel free to post below, or send me a message via PM. 
    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      If you folks recall, in the previous version of this forum, if a viewer wished to scroll quickly to the top of the page, each post had a "to the top" link in the lower left corner. Now, there is a "one size fits all" button. Once you start scrolling down the page, a button will appear in the lower right corner. At any time you wish to return to the top of the page you are viewing, simply click that button.

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