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v4 Tutorials: Likes, Thanks, Etc.

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The "Like" options are in the same place as the previous version. John didn't care for the default "Like", which was a heart. I have to say I agreed with him. So, I came up with a "thumbs up" hand image to replace it with. I added "Mad" after I modified an "angry" png file that would work with the others. Maybe not the best. But, I don't claim to be a graphics designer, either.

Screenshot 2018-04-05 12.39.09.png

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    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      You may have noticed something new in posts, since we upgraded to v4 of the IPB software. That new addition, is Acronym Expansion. You will notice a dotted line under acronyms / initials, like IPS, for example, the creators of the IPB software. If you mouse over these various groups of letters, a popup window will show you the expanded meaning of those initials, in case you may not be familiar with them. I will try to add more of these, as they come to mind, or as I see them in various posts on the site. If you have any you would like to see added, just let me know. Here are a few I have added, which some of you may find useful:
      For some of us who appreciate electronics, computers and such, AC, DC, SPST, SPDT, NiFe, NiCd, AH, FLA, GUI, WiFi, WAN, LAN, SWR, EER, BTU, BTUh, etc. 
      I have also added some cities in Cambodia, PP, SR, BTB, and SHV.
      Lastly, I have added various currencies and miscellaneous other acronyms. I have 104 acronyms, currently. Always adding more, as time permits.
    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      First, if you are unfamiliar with the Reputation & Reactions, mouse over the small "thumbs up" sign at the bottom right side of any member's post (aside from your own, that is). You will see a line of options to click on, in order to apply a reaction to that particular post.
      I was reading a few different topics tonight, thinking I wish I had other options for the Reputation System, or Reputation & Reactions. Sometimes this is called the "Likes System". Anyway, I added a couple more options tonight. I added "Shocked" and "Happy", and renamed "HaHa" to "Funny". "Mad" is the first one I created, after we upgraded the forum to v4. EDIT: Added "Love it!" today, 18/07/2018.

      Below is how they appear in the ACP. The options with a plus 1 (+1) adjacent to them, will increase a member's points / reputation when applied to their respective posts by other members. All others with "Neutral" adjacent to them, will simply be applied to the post without increasing points for the member. (The reactions with the red highlighting in the image below, were the default reactions that came with the forum software. The blue "Like" was a heart by default, as well. It just seemed better to go with a "thumbs up", rather than a heart for that particular reaction.)

      Just trying to cover as many emotions as is reasonably possible. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to offer them. 
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