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All the Cloud Storage Services That Offer Free Storage

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Need space to store important, but not high security files, online? Cloud storage has become the norm, and is slowly replacing internal computer drives, for storage only purposes. I have gotten to the point where I use clouds to store files I typically keep on my computer, daily use files, images, etc. When it is time to reformat the computer, I don't have to concern myself with having to save the files elsewhere. I just reformat the drives, reinstall the cloud applications / software, and let them sync with the files on the cloud servers. Easy as pie.


If you have files that are important to you, and if you only have them on one drive currently, I strongly advise you to either copy them to a second (or even a third) drive, and / or join one of the following cloud services. 


Anyway, here is a recent article on How-To Geek, a computer nerd site I subscribe to, that I thought I would share with you good folks.




Free Storage: 2GB plus referrals

Paid Tiers: $10/month or $100/year for 1TB

One of the most popular options for cloud storage, Dropbox keeps a loyal customer base thanks to fast, ubiquitous mobile and desktop apps and effective team tools. Its free storage tier is relatively small at 2GB, though users can earn permanent upgrades by referring friends: 500MB at a time for a maximum of 16GB on a free account.



Free Storage: 10GB

Paid Tiers: $10/month for 100GB

Box is a popular alternative to Dropbox, offering more base storage for free. Apps are available for all major mobile and desktop platforms, and many top-tier services integrate with Box’s API. Individual free accounts offer a generous 10GB, but single file uploads are capped at 250MB.


Google Drive: 

Free Storage: 15GB shared

Paid Tiers: $5/month for 30GB, $1/month for unlimited (one user)

All Google users get access to Google Drive’s shared space for tools like Gmail and Google Docs, with a combined total of 15GB. It seems like a lot, but that can fill up quickly if you’re an active email user. Photo storage using Google Photos, however, is unlimited...



Free Storage: 50GB

Paid Tiers: $5/month for 200GB, $10/month for 2TB, $20/month for 4TB, $30/month for 8TB

MEGA‘s online storage offering is extremely generous at 50GB, though there’s a 10GB upload/download limit per 30 minutes. MEGA is built to host and share, but its web interface lacks some of the more advanced tools offered by competitors from larger companies. However, it offers truly gigantic data storage at higher price tiers.



Free Storage: 5GB

Paid Tiers: $2/month for 50GB, $7/month for 1TB

Microsoft’s integrated cloud storage solution for Windows, OneDrive, offers 5GB of free file space for all users. Apps are available for other platforms on top of a web interface, and higher purchase tiers come with free subscriptions to Office 365.



Free Storage: 5GB

Paid Tiers: $5/month for 1TB, $8/month for 2TB

Sync emphasizes security with a zero-knowledge backup system as well as easy sharing and collaboration. It offers the standard mobile apps and desktop folder sync tools, with “Vault” online-only storage available for competitive upgraded price tiers.




Of the clouds listed above, I use all, except box.com and Sync. The reason I don't use box.com yet, is because I have only just learned of it. I don't use Sync, because it doesn't appeal to me. 


I happen to have a deal concerning Microsoft OneDrive (above). Much larger storage is included, as stated above, with a subscription to Office 365. There are a few perks included with a subscription to Office 365, by the way, which only costs $99 USD per year. A friend of mine was generous enough to give me an account offered by his company, at no yearly charge to me. So, I now have the full complement of Microsoft Office, a free hour per month on Skype phone, and 1 Terabyte of storage on OneDrive. (There may be other perks I cannot think of at the moment.)


I also currently use two other cloud services:

Amazon Drive: 

Free Storage: 5GB



Free Storage: 5GB

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For me I just use google drive for some of my shared projects or stuff I want to easily access anywhere. 

Other than that I just save everything to an external hard drive. 

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On 5/9/2018 at 1:52 PM, John_Galt said:

For me I just use google drive for some of my shared projects or stuff I want to easily access anywhere. 

Other than that I just save everything to an external hard drive. 

Same: a 1TB and a 2TB. 

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