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Oz Jon
21 hours ago, Parrothead said:

On a positive note, the yagi antenna is only $19 USD, while the radome panel antenna is $22.00 USD. But, after all of these communications, he insists that I buy 10, yes 10 of either of those antennas. He won't just sell me one of either of them. Anyone interested in going in on 10 antennas? What a complete and utter waste of fecking time. :rolleyes:


Ridiculously cheap! - and they look to me like they may be good products (reasonable looking construction and plausible specs).


Assuming free delivery (which seems to be the Chinese norm) you'd only have to sell 1 of the yagis to be competitive with any other prospective offer?

And you'd still have 8 spares! - Lol!



Maybe mount some spares low on your mast for Chan to hang her pot plants on?

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irresistable humour

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2 hours ago, Oz Jon said:

Ridiculously cheap! - and they look to me like they may be good products (reasonable looking construction and plausible specs).


Well, I am not really prepared to buy 10 of them for $190.00 USD, plus shipping & customs fees. 

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Okay. Curiosity got the best of me, so I had to ask. I sent ol' Jessie (never met a Chinese guy or gal, named Jessie, before) a reply, asking for specific figures. Here is what I got back, a bit ago: 



Dear Paul,
10PCS TDJ-1800ACY7 ship to Battambang, Cambodia 00000 will cost US$132.00.
So, plus US$190.00 antenna cost, total will be US$322.00.


So, $322 USD for 10 each, 7 element, 10 dBi gain yagi antennas. $32.20 each, shipped. 




On 5/23/2018 at 1:51 PM, Oz Jon said:

Assuming free delivery


That was too much of a stretch, apparently.

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      By Parrothead
      You may have noticed something new in posts, since we upgraded to v4 of the IPB software. That new addition, is Acronym Expansion. You will notice a dotted line under acronyms / initials, like IPS, for example, the creators of the IPB software. If you mouse over these various groups of letters, a popup window will show you the expanded meaning of those initials, in case you may not be familiar with them. I will try to add more of these, as they come to mind, or as I see them in various posts on the site. If you have any you would like to see added, just let me know. Here are a few I have added, which some of you may find useful:
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      Provincial internet access in Cambodia.
      Chan spoke with her friend, who happens to work at Cootel and lives just down the road from the farm. She had her internet service there while on holiday, a little while back. So, we figured we would give it a go. She (the friend) helped schedule a test / installation trip for us.
      We met the installer from Cootel, yesterday, at the farm. He came armed with 2 different units, a fiberglass 9dB gain antenna and 10 meters of coaxial cable with both N and SMA connectors. One unit was a CPE-153W; the other a CPE-168W. He informed me that the CPE-168W allows faster access than the CPE-153W.

      The rear image (below) shows an Ethernet connector. While this is accurate for the CPE-153W, the CPE-168W has a USB connector to hard wire a computer to the modem / router. Devices may access the router via WiFi, as well. (I'm not sure of the range of the transmitter, though. The WiFi antenna is internal.)

      When he tested them, the CPE-168W, quite obviously, came out on top. The CPE-158W was about 1.5 Megabits down; .73 Megabits up. The CPE-168W was at 6.3 Megabits down; 1.5 Megabits up.
      Here is an image of the rear of my personal CPE-168W modem / router:

      To gather these speeds, he mounted the 88cm fiberglass antenna to a bamboo pole we had in the yard. But, this only placed it just above the roof.

      The monthly service is $15 USD / month, uncapped. If I buy 6 months, I get one month free. 
    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      Well, this afternoon, we had the first heavy rain since we arrived at the farm earlier this month. Even with the 9dB gain omnidirectional antenna, there was no, zero signal loss at the modem. Have a look at the :30 seconds video:
    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      First, some images of the tower that broadcasts the signal:



      We stopped by there on the way back to the apartment today, to get a few images and to grab its GPS coordinates.
      The tower is located at: 12.974649, 103.053851 decimal, or 12° 58' 28.7364'' N by 103° 3' 13.8636'' E
      The farm's GPS coordinates are: 12.9867798, 103.0072846 decimal, or 12° 59' 12.4073'' N by 103° 0' 26.2246'' E
      I still have to work on the Google Earth elevations.
    • Parrothead
      By Parrothead
      Metfone has internet access running out Highway 57 (Southwest toward the farm). But, the access is limited to just off the highway. So, I have been working on a solution, to get the internet extended to the farm. I finally received, compliments of a friend, two TP Link CPE-510's. One will function as an Access Point for the other unit, while it will serve as a Client. They are good for about 15 kilometers, according to the specifications. I just have to complete the tower builds (one has to be looked at again, due to my findings, below) and have the antennae mounted up top. Both are powered via POE (Power Over Ethernet). 


      There is a 3.35 meters (11 feet) difference in the elevation, with the highway being on the lower end. I have to take this into account when mounting these units. So, I now need an extra story high, at which to mount that unit.    Sort one thing out, and two other issues crop up. 
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